Factory Reset Protection


Organizations need to ensure the security and compliance of Android devices used for service delivery. Relution can be used to minimize effort and increase security by remotely setting up, managing, and monitoring work-related devices and promptly fixing any errors that occur. A Relution Companion for Android installed on the devices enables Android Classic / Legacy enrollment of the devices into Relution. Additionally, a factory reset can be forbidden on the devices.

Configure FRP

  1. In the Relution portal, navigate to Devices > Policies and click Add.
  2. Create an Android policy and assign a Name. Click on Save.
  3. After clicking Add, select Restrictions option and proceed to Add Details.
  4. Activate the option Disallow factory reset within the restrictions configuration.
  5. Save the configuration and publish the current version of the policy.
  6. To apply the policy to Android devices, add the desired devices via the Devices with this policy tab. The selected settings will then be automatically applied to the devices.