Relution provides a selection of actions to directly control and direct Android Enterprise devices.
An outstanding advantage is that these actions can be applied specifically to individual devices.

Available actions


Select Play Store app from the Relution Store

Select and install a Play Store app from the Relution Store

Install app from Google Play Store

Search for an app in the Google Play store and install it

Locate device

Fetches the current location of the device

Lock device

Locks the device with the current password. If no password is set, the device can be unlocked without a password.

Reboot device

The device will reboot

Refresh device info

Refreshes the device information, which are listed in ‘Details’.

Remove app

Triggers uninstalling an app from the device.

Reset lock passcode

Reset the user’s password

Wipe Device

Resets the device to factory defaults and deletes all data from the device.