Link Organization


Before Android devices can be enrolled via Android Enterprise, the Relution organization must first be linked to a Google organization. This linking allows organizations to have full control over their Android devices and manage them effectively; including configuration, app management, and security policies.

Relution organization registration for Android Enterprise

To do this, create an appropriate Google account in the Relution portal under Settings > Device Management > Android Enterprise:

  • Click Register Now and select an existing Google account or create a new one
  • When creating a new Google account, choose between For myself or For my company and read the linked agreement to Google Managed Play Store
  • After accepting the agreement, confirm the I have read and agree to the Google Play Agreement field and click Confirm
  • Clicking Complete Registration will take you back to the Relution portal

Setup Google orga

Complete the Android Enterprise setup by clicking Save

Add orga information

Remove Android Enterprise Organization

In the Relution portal, go to Settings > Device Management > Android Enterprise and expand the submenu Disconnect Organization. Click on Disconnect to remove the existing link to the Google account.

Remove Orga info