Work profile


The enrollment type Work Profile is the right choice for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach. Users can provide their private devices to have a Work Profile installed on them by the organization. No resetting of the devices is necessary for the commissioning of a work profile. The mail app or other apps of the organization can then be made available within a work profile. Private and organization-related data are strictly separated on the devices. In addition, administrators have no insight into installed apps and no access rights to functions or settings on private devices. When a work profile is deleted, all organization-related data is removed from the devices, whereas all private data is retained.

Perform enrollment with work profile

Create enrollment in Relution

  • Go to Devices > Enrollments and then click Add
  • Select Android Enterprise as the platform and Set up work profile as the type
  • Ownership in this case would be BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Assign a device name and save the enrollment


Necessary information to perform the enrollment.

In the enrollment created, a QR code is displayed under Enrollment Information to enroll Android devices. This can also be called up via the QR code column in the Enrollment overview.


Complete enrollment

Please use your camera app to scan the newly created QR code. Then follow the steps shown to complete the enrollment process.


Container work profile on the private devices

After successful enrollment, two separate areas personal and work are available on the user interface of the Android devices, which can be switched between at any time.


Ways to manage and control managed Android Enterprise devices with work profile


  • Install apps from the Google Play Store
  • Remove apps
  • Select Play Store app from the Relution Store
  • Lock device completely
  • Update device information

Policy configuration

  • Manage apps
  • Work profile password
  • Advanced security override
  • Device password
  • Manage runtime permissions
  • Play Store management
  • Restrictions
  • Samsung Classroom Management

Unavailable configurations

  • Advanced Keyguard management
  • Advanced location sharing settings
  • Global Proxy
  • Kiosk Mode
  • System updates
  • WLAN