Factory Reset Protection


For Android Enterprise devices, Relution offers the possibility to configure the option FRP - Factory Reset Protection in the restrictions of a policy. This option can either prohibit the resetting of a device or require a Google account after a reset. This means that a prompt to log in with a Google account is displayed during the device setup process to make the device operational again.

Configure FRP

  1. navigate to the menu item Devices > Policies in the Relution portal and click on Add.
  2. create an Android Enterprise policy and assign a name. Click on Save.
  3. after clicking on Add, select the Restrictions option and continue with Add details.
  4. activate the option Enable Factory Reset Protection (FRP).
  5. depending on the type of FRP to be used, add a valid Google account (after a reset, you will be prompted to sign in with a Google account) or leave the email field blank to prohibit resetting on the device.
  6. save the configuration and publish the current version of the policy
  7. to apply the policy to Android Enterprise devices, add the desired devices via the Devices with this policy tab. The selected settings are then automatically applied to the devices.