Configure Gmail for SMG


To use the Secure Mail Gateway with Gmail, some configurations are necessary under Android Enterprise. Below is an overview of the parameters that need to be configured. It is important that there have been no previous attempts to configure Gmail on the device, as otherwise fragments of these configurations can lead to errors.

‘Gmail’ from Google is particularly suitable as a mail client and as an example for this article, as the app is generally available for all Android versions and device models.

The app cannot be configured manually on the device if the Secure Mail Gateway is to be used.

These instructions require a functioning and configured Secure Mail Gateway.


The following configuration parameters are required.


Email address

Which e-mail address should be configured? Either a fixed address or the variable ${} can be used here.

Hostname or Host

The external URL of the Relution server must be entered as the host name.


The username must be specified in the spelling unique-name-of-relution-organization\username. The unique name of the organization can be viewed under Settings > General organization settings.

Device Identifier

The variable ${device.exchangeDeviceId} must be used here.

Authentication Types

Allow basic authentication must be activated and Allow modern authentication must be deactivated.