Provide web links


Web links can be provided on Android Enterprise devices. Unlike Apple, web links on devices with Android Enterprise enrollment are provided via the Managed Google Play Store


This requires the Manage Apps policy configuration:

  1. in the Relution portal, navigate to Devices > Policies and click Add
  2. create an Android Enterprise policy and assign a name. Click on Save
  3. after clicking Add, select Manage apps option and proceed to Add details
  4. in the next step, click Add again and select Managed Google Play Store App (Android Enterprise) option Weblinks
  5. in the Source dialog click Web Apps in the left menu Weblinks
  6. to create a new Web-App click the + icon in the lower right corner Weblinks
  7. in the next dialog you can create weblinks and make their basic configuration Weblinks

The Web Apps can then be opened on devices via the Managed Google Play Store