Self-hosted apps


Self-hosted Android apps offer companies and organizations control over their data and allow them to increase their privacy and security. By installing and managing these apps on their own servers, they retain full control over their sensitive information while reducing their dependence on external service providers.


  • It is necessary to have an active Android developer license.
  • The automatically generated Google Play Managed accounts cannot be used when uploading apps via the Managed Play Store, as these accounts are not linked to an active Android developer account and cannot be linked.
  • Self-hosted private apps must be configured in the Google Play account with an active Android developer license.
  • A Google account must be linked to Relution Home > Settings > Android Enterprise.

Relution Portal

App and metadata

  1. the apk file must be uploaded in Relution under Home > Apps > App Store > Add App. An existing app can also be used.
  1. the metadata must be loaded in json format via the Download button in the app information tab. selfhostedapps

Google Play Console

Create app

  1. switch to the Google Play Console →

  2. create new app under Create app selfhostedapps

  3. add app details selfhostedapps

  1. add countries in which the app should be available Release > Production > Add countries / regions selfhostedapps

  2. create new release Release > Production > Releases > Create new release ! selfhostedapps


  1. select Signing key Use a different Key > Opt out of Play App Signing > Opt out selfhostedapps




  1. upload json metadata file from Relution Portal Step 2 klick Next and Save selfhostedapps

  2. submit change for review Send 1 change for review selfhostedapps

Release app for organization

  1. copy the Google OrganizationID from the Relution Portal under Home > Settings > Android Enterprise and add it to the Google Play Console selfhostedapps

  2. copy the RSA key of the app and add it to the app in Relution Monetize > Monetization Setup selfhostedapps

  3. add and save the RSA key in Relution in the app’s Information tab selfhostedapps

Update existing app

  1. upload new version of the apk to Relution App Store Home > Apps > App Store > App

  2. download metadata json

  1. create a new app release in the `Goolge Play Console
  2. upload metadata json of the app from Relution
  3. send change review