Kiosk Mode


With the policy configuration Kiosk Mode Relution offers the possibility to strongly restrict the operation of Android devices with Android Enterprise enrollment and protect the devices from misoperation.

Relution Homescreen Layout

The Homescreen Layout configuration automatically activates Kiosk Mode in the background policy and sets the Relution Homescreen Layout App as the launcher. The Homescreen Layout configuration offers the possibility to conveniently drag and drop the app layout on the devices via the Relution Portal. Additionally, there is the possibility to define a background image and place your own static or dynamic texts on the background.

Kiosk Mode

Use default launcher

The Kiosk Mode configuration uses the default launcher of the operating system, which allows to display only apps that have been installed as Required Apps via the Manage Apps configuration. In that case, all other apps on the devices will be hidden for user and cannot be used.

Use alternative launcher

If additional features and apps other than the Required Apps added in the Manage Apps policy configuration are to be available on the Android devices, for example system apps, it is necessary to use an alternative launcher. To do this, select Managed Google Play Store as the source and add the app using the Select button.

Kiosk Mode

After that you have the options to configure the launcher. Use the function Configure custom launcher app to configure it manually.