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With Relution, Android devices with Android Enterprise enrollment can be provisioned with configured apps by applying the Manage Apps policy configuration.

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Three sources are available for app selection:

  • Apps from the Relution App Store
  • Apps from the Managed Google Play Store
  • Add apps manually

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Apps from the Relution App Store

In the Relution App Store all apps are available that have been added from the Managed Google Play Store. The advantage is the clear number of apps, because not the complete Managed Google Play Store is shown.

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Apps from the Managed Google Play Store

All apps from the Managed Google Play Store are available.

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Private Apps

Additionally, the Managed Google Play Store offers the possibility to upload private apps. Private apps can also be understood as pay apps, as Google does not offer a pay option in the enterprise environment.

There are 3 options for this use case:

Installation via Private Play Store

Developers create apps with a Unique Package Name. These apps are uploaded to the private store on Google using a company-owned Google account and can then be selected via Relution in the Managed Google Play Store area.

Installation via Public Play Store

Developers make apps available to everyone in the public area of the Managed Google Play Store. These can be added to the Relution App Store as described above or selected directly from the Managed Google Play Store.

Manual installation via developer mode with manual distribution

To do this, developer options must be enabled for all devices that are to receive these apps and installation from unknown sources must be allowed. Then the .apk files are manually installed on the devices. In this case, the apps are not managed, cannot be managed via Relution and do not receive app updates.

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Add apps manually

Apps that are already pre-installed on a device can be managed via this path. For this, it is mandatory to have the package name of the app, which is used to uniquely identify apps on devices.

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Package Names at Samsung

  • | Message app
  • | Homescreen widget
  • | Samsung Internet
  • | Samsung Smart Switch
  •| Samsung Weather
  • | Samsung Shop
  • | Voice Recorder
  • | Smart Things
  • | Samsung Members
  • | Samsung Calculator
  • com.mobeam.barcodeService | Barcode scanner
  • | Samsung Wallpapers
  • | Samsung Cloud
  • | Finance widget
  • | Sports widget
  • | Samsung Story Video Editor
  • | Always on Display
  • | Samsung Dex
  • | Samsung Email
  • | Samsung Calendar

Extensions for added apps.

Added apps can get more settings in the manage apps configuration.

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Installation type

  • Available - Apps are available for download by users the Managed Google Play Store
  • Pre-installed - Apps are pre-installed on the devices. However, users can delete the apps
  • Forced installation - apps are always automatically downloaded and installed on devices
  • Blocked - installation of apps is blocked selectively

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Some app vendors additionally offer a managed configuration. For example, the following additional options can be configured for the Relution homescreen layout app:

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In addition there is from Samsung still the Samsung Knox service Plugin; this can be used to extend the configuration scope for Samsung devices.

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