A policy is a collection of one or more configurations. Each policy can be applied to one or more devices at the same time. In addition, one or more policies can be associated with each device.

Available configurations


Advanced keyguard feature management

IT admins can control advanced device keyguard (lock screen) features

Advanced security overrides

Security policies set to secure values by default

Always-On VPN

Manage Always-On VPN settings


Define a CA certificate or certificate and private key to install on the device

Global proxy

Configures a network-independent global HTTP proxy

Kiosk Mode

Manage Kiosk mode configuration

Location mode

Configures the degree of location detection available

Manage apps

Install, update and uninstall apps on managed devices

Personal Usage

Configure personal usage for a fully managed device

Play Store Management

Control Google Play Store features

Relution Home Screen Layout

Configure the Relution Home Screen Layout app


Manage restrictions

Runtime permission management

Define default responses to permission requests made by managed apps

Samsung Classroom Management

Preconfigure Samsung Classroom Management App

System updates

Manage system updates


Manage WiFi configurations

Work profile passcode

Manage the password policy for the work profile