For Android devices with Android Enterprise enrollment, a variety of restrictions are available in Relution. Basically, it is advisable to be clear about exactly which restrictions are combined. This way, it can be possible that devices are configured in such a way that they are no longer usable.

Two potential pitfalls that can lead to problems are explained below.

Prohibit resetting the device to factory settings

If this option is active, there is no possibility to reset devices to factory settings. Neither in Recovery Mode, nor via Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or in the device settings directly. This restriction should therefore be used with caution.

Relevant email addresses can be stored in the associated input field Email addresses of device admins, which allow a reset of the devices under certain circumstances. These addresses must be Google accounts.

Prohibit Wi-Fi networks to configure

If devices cannot establish a Wi-Fi connection because the configured networks are unreachable or faulty, there is no possibility to intervene manually with this option enabled. This poses a problem in that the setting cannot be undone because the devices are offline.

This configuration should only be used in conjunction with Allow to use network emergency output. This allows a Wi-Fi network to be configured temporarily in the event that an Internet connection cannot be established, for example to trigger a factory reset.