Return to Service


With iOS 17+ and Relution Server version 5.20 it is possible to trigger a Return to Service action on iOS devices.
This action resets the device to factory settings. The device will try to log in again automatically after the reset.
This eliminates the otherwise repetitive steps such as WLAN entry and setup steps that are enabled as not skipped in the DEP profile.


  1. the target device must be an iOS 17+ device enrolled in Relution with a DEP profile.
  2. the Relution server must be at least version 5.20+.
  3. a policy with a WLAN configuration must be specified.

Execute action Return to Service

To do this, the menu item ‘Apply Action’ must be selected for the desired device in the inventory.
Return to Service
The action can be found and selected via the search.
Return to Service
In the next step the policy with the WLAN configuration is selected.
For eSIM there is the option ‘Keep existing data tariff’.
Return to Service
Finally there is a last feedback to execute the action.
Return to Service