Add fonts

Apple devices offer the option of installing additional fonts. These fonts are then available for selection in the apps used and can be used by users as desired.
Relution makes this process easier: fonts can be easily integrated into a mobile configuration file with the Apple Configurator 2 and conveniently distributed to the end devices using guidelines.

Create and distribute mobileconfig

The following instructions are aimed at Apple Mac users who use Apple Configurator 2. Please note that Windows users can use a third-party tool such as the iMazing Profile Editor, but this is not covered in these instructions.

  1. on your Mac, the font is required in ttf or otf format
  2. create a new profile in Apple Configurator 2 with cmd+n
  3. select the desired font in the side menu under Fonts via the file browser


  1. save the configuration with cmd+s in *.mobileconfig format
  2. you can create a new policy in the Relution portal, for example for Fonts. The configuration Apple Configurator 2 Configuration must be defined in this policy
  3. in the newly created Apple Configurator 2 Configuration you can select the *.mobileconfig file from the Mac, save it and distribute it to the end devices