Assign purchased books to users


Books purchased through Apple can be assigned to individual users in Relution. It is not sufficient to create a Managed Apple ID for these users; they must receive an invitation via Relution and then follow the instructions on the screen.

How To

  1. Create the desired users in Relution, if you haven’t already done so.

  2. Go to the Users > VPP Users section.

  3. Select Send Invitation.

    VPP User

  4. Select the desired VPP token and click Next.

    Select token

  5. Select the desired user you want to invite and click on Confirm.

    Invite user

  6. The user will be added to the list with the status Registered. The user should get an email.

    User status

  7. In the email, there is a link which has to be opened - either with iTunes or Apple Music. Here, the user has to accept and confirm the terms and conditions. If no user is logged in on the device yet, a username and password may have to be entered.

    Invite user

  8. In Relution, the assignment of apps must be allowed again.

  9. In Relution the VPP users must be synchronized now.

    sync user

  10. If the display is updated afterwards, the user is shown as Assigned.

  11. Under Purchased books click on the book you want to assign.

    Sync books

  12. In the next step click on Assign license, select the corresponding token and then the desired user. Finish the selection by clicking on Confirm.

    Assign books

Now the user is assigned a book.