Recommended restrictions


A large number of restrictions can be configured for iOS devices. Not always, every setting is useful or leads to the desired result. Sometimes, the settings also bring problems if you do not know exactly how they affect. In this article, we will limit ourselves to some potential problems that one can run into as a user and name recommended settings.

Allow connecting to Macs or PCs

This setting only has an effect if the connection to Macs or PCs has basically been allowed in the DEP profile. If this is not the case, the corresponding setting in the restrictions has no effect.

Activate delay of operating system updates

A value between one and 90 days can be defined here. During this time, new system updates are not displayed to the users and are therefore not installed. This also includes security updates.

Allow USB connection in locked state

If devices are no longer online, they can be brought back online e.g. by an external network card (Lightning/ Ethernet adapter). However, if devices are locked, e.g. in Lost Mode, the external accessories cannot be released by users and therefore do not work. This setting prevents this.

Allow to delete all contents & settings

This is the factory reset. If you do not want this to be available, you have to uncheck it.

Prohibit turning off the WiFi

If this option is enabled, users will not be able to turn off the WiFi, even in flight mode. Switching between WiFi networks is still allowed.

Force automatic date and time setting

The setting only works if location services have been enabled on the devices. The devices will set the date and time automatically. This is also done based on the time zone it is in. This cannot be determined if location services are disabled.

Force WiFi whitelisting

If this option is enabled, devices will only be able to connect to networks that have been brought to the devices via policy. Before enabling this feature, make sure that the transferred networks are working on the devices. It is not possible to manually add WiFi connections afterwards.