Single App Mode


This policy configuration can be used to define apps that run on devices in single app mode. Users cannot leave the app then.


First select an app that you want to display in Single App Mode. Then select the desired options for this mode for additional restrictions when viewing selected app.


Device control

  • Disable touch input disabled, if set.
  • Disable motion (rotate screen) disabled, if set.
  • Disable volume keys disabled, if set.
  • Disable side switches Ringer switches on the side of the devices are disabled, if set. If disabled, the ringing behavior depends on the position the switch was in when it was disabled for the first time.
  • Disable on/off switch disabled, if set.
  • Disable auto lock Devices do not automatically go to sleep after a period of inactivity, if set.

Operating aids

  • VoiceOver Allow customization, if set.
  • Zoom Allow customization, if set.
  • Invert colors Allow customization, if set.
  • AssistiveTouch Allow adjustment, if set.
  • Read selection Speak selection enabled, if set.
  • Mono Audio enabled, if set.

Operator assistance shortcut

  • VoiceOver enabled, if set. Default is disabled.
  • Zoom enabled, if set. Default is disabled.
  • Invert colors enabled, if set. Default is disabled.
  • AssistiveTouch enabled, if set. Default is disabled.