Remove Supervised Mode


Every now and then, it may be necessary to revoke this mode from Apple devices that are running in Supervised Mode.

Identify monitored devices

Monitored devices can be located as follows:

  1. Show the column Will be monitored in the inventory. The corresponding devices are marked with a check mark. Relution Portal

  2. In the device details, the status can be seen by the corresponding badge Will be supervised in the infobox. Relution Portal

  3. On the devices themselves, you can see in the settings by the following information that the devices are in the Supervised Mode. Relution Portal

Revoke Supervised Mode

Devices enrolled via Apple Configurator

Reset the devices using one of the following options:

  1. Send a “factory reset device” action to the devices.
  2. Go to device settings under General > Transfer/Reset iPad > Erase All Content & Settings.
  3. Connect devices to Mac computer and open Apple Configurator 2 application. Right click on devices and select Advanced and there select Erase All Content & Settings.

DEP devices enrolled through Apple School/ Business Manager via authorized reseller

If devices have been added to the MDM system via Apple School / Business Manager, the link must be undone there, otherwise the devices will always automatically report back to the MDM system after a Factory Reset and get Supervised Mode.

  1. Log in to Apple School / Business Manager and click on Devices.
  2. Select the appropriate device and click on Edit Device Assignment on the right hand side.
  3. Click on Unassign.
  4. Reset the device to factory settings.

DEP devices added later via Apple Configurator

Removing Supervised Mode from devices added to Apple School / Business Manager via Apple Configurator works in the same way as enrolled DEP devices via an authorized reseller.