Relution provides a selection of actions to directly control and direct macOS. An outstanding advantage is that these actions can be applied specifically to individual devices.

Available actions


Start AirPlay playback

Start screen playback using AirPlay.

Stop AirPlay playback

Stop screen playback using AirPlay.

Remove app

Uninstall an app from the device.

Install app from Apple App Store

Search for an app in the Apple App Store and install it on the devices.

Turn Bluetooth on or off

Turn Bluetooth on or off on the device.

Reset device to factory settings

Factory reset the device and delete all data from the device.

Shut down device

The device is shut down.

Restart device

The device is restarted.

Lock device completely

Restarts the device and locks it completely for any use or log in. The PIN is required to unlock the device.

Update device information

Updates all available information about the device listed under ‘Details’.

Update local administrator password

Changes the local administrator password.

Deploy Relution Store App

Searches for an app in the Relution Store and deploys it to the devices.

Install Update

Installs a desired update on the selected device.