Manual add devices to DEP


Originally, only Apple devices purchased directly from Apple or from trusted resellers could be added to Apple School/Business Manager. If devices were purchased from other sources, they could not be automatically enrolled in Relution via Apple DEP.

iOS / tvOS devices via Apple Configurator 2

Apple now allows iOS and tvOS devices to be added manually to Apple School/Business Manager using the Apple Configurator. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of automatic enrolment via DEP, regardless of where the devices were purchased. macOS devices must still be purchased from an authorized reseller in order to benefit from the advantages of automatic enrolment via DEP. Add Apple devices to DEP at a later date →

macOS devices via Apple Configurator(mobile)

With the Apple Configurator for mobile devices (iOS/ipadOS), Apple has provided an easy way to add macOS devices to the Apple School/ Business Manager.
Apple Configurator Manual →
Apple Configurator App →


  1. install Apple Configurator on an iOS/ iPadOS device with at least iOS 16
  2. log in to Apple Configurator on the device with a valid Apple School/ Business Manager account
  3. Start macOS device in the system assistant when the area for country or region is displayed
  4. hold the iOS/ iPadOS device close to the Mac, click on pair manually at the bottom left of the System Assistant on the Mac
  5. enter the 6-digit number combination on the iOS/ iPadOS device
  6. as soon as the macOS device is finished with the process, a restart or switching off is offered
  7. the new device can be assigned to a location and put into operation in the Apple School/ Business Manager