Filter for content


This is a parental control filter that can be enabled or disabled on iOS and macOS devices.


Nevertheless, websites can be added to a blocked list (Blocked URLs) or a positive list (Allowed URLs). In the configuration, the filter is basically active if the checkbox Enable Auto-Filter is set:


Under certain circumstances, the filter does not always achieve the desired result, since URLs are sometimes filtered that do not contain content harmful to minors.

If you want to filter a certain URL that is not blocked by the automatic filter, you have to put it on the Blocked URLs list. If you want a filtered URL to be unblocked, put it on the Allowed URLs list.

Special attention should be paid to the Determined bookmarks list. If entries are made here, only these URLs are allowed. Regardless of what has been configured in the Allowed URLs list. In addition, these Determined Bookmarks are created as bookmarks in Safari.