AirPlay security configuration


AirPlay security prevents unauthorized streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay. Administrators can thus control who can connect to Apple TV via AirPlay functionality. Either an AirPlay password can be set or the connection of devices in another network to the TV can be restricted. AirPlay security can be used on Apple TVs running tvOS 11 or later.

Available AirPlay security settings


  • Access - The mode that allows an AirPlay-supported Apple device to connect to an Apple TV via AirPlay must be selected. The following options are available:
    • Devices on all WiFi - Allows Apple TV to connect to AirPlay-supported Apple devices on different networks.
    • Devices on the same WiFi: Allows connection between AirPlay-supported Apple devices and Apple TV that are on the same network (same WiFi or Ethernet).
  • Security - It can be selected how secure the the connection can be. The following options are available:
    • Single passcode - When an Apple TV connects to an AirPlay-supported Apple device, a passcode appears on the TV screen. Enter this passcode on the AirPlay-supported Apple device to start streaming. The passcode is not required when you make a second connection between the same devices.
    • Code: Every time someone tries to stream content via AirPlay, a password is displayed on the TV screen. This password has to be entered on the AirPlay-supported Apple device to start streaming.
    • Password: An AirPlay password that is required while a connection, is established between an AirPlay-supported Apple device and an Apple TV has to be set up. A password for AirPlay in the Relution portal has then to be created. When a connection is made, the device connected to the Apple TV is prompted for a password. The password from the policy has to be entered to start streaming. Unlike One time code, no code will be displayed on the TV.

Then the policy must be published to assign it to devices.


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