Relution offers a variety of configuration options to efficiently control Apple TV devices. These configurations can be selected and customized in policies. The big advantage is that policies and the included configurations can be easily distributed to many different devices.

Available configurations


Airplay security

AirPlay security settings to prevent unauthorized streaming to Apple TVs via AirPlay. pol_overview

App compliance

Managing app specific restrictions and app distribution. pol_overview

Apple Configurator 2 configuration

Apply a configuration profile (.mobileconfig) created using Apple Configurator 2 to devices. pol_overview

Device name

Configure the device name. pol_overview

Conference room

Manage conference room mode. pol_overview


Manage device restrictions. pol_overview

System updates

Manage Apple device updates (iOS/tvOS). pol_overview


Manage WiFi settings. pol_overview

Time zone

Time zone configuration. pol_overview


Select a certificate to be installed on the device by default. pol_overview