Move device in organization


Enrolled devices can be moved from a source organization to a target organization. During that process the user and organization specific device data will be adapted or removed.


  • At least Relution version 5.23.0
  • Device groups have been activated in the store organization
  • The functionality is only available in the store organization
  • The executing user must have the permission to update devices
  • Supported platforms
    • Android Legacy
    • Apple
    • Interactive Whiteboards
    • Windows

Adaption of device data

User and organization specific data cannot be moved in another organization. Therefore, the corresponding data is either removed from the device or it is adapted for the target organization.

Following data is completely removed:

  • All actions of the device
  • All assigned rulesets
  • The assigned user
  • All issued device and education certificates
  • All information for the device lending functionality
  • All assigned zones
  • All assigned IBeacons

Further adaptions for the device are described in the following sections.

Adaptions for all platforms

Device groups

  • The device is removed from static and dynamic local device groups of the source organization.
    • If a device leaves a device group the applied policies are removed.
  • The device will be automatically added to the matching dynamic local device groups of the target organization.
    • If a device enters a device group the corresponding polcies are applied.
  • The device is not removed from public device groups.

Device history

  • The history of the device is completely removed.
  • Additionally a new device history is created for the successful moving into the target organization.


  • Single enrollments are moved to the target organization.
  • For Multi enrollments, there will be a new unusable single enrollment created in the target organization.
  • Additionally the referenced user, rulesets, policies and notifications are removed from the device.

Adaptions for Windows

  • The script history of this device is removed.

Adaptions for Apple

  • VPP licenses that belong to a VPP token of the source organization (local VPP token) are removed from the device.
  • VPP licenses that belong to a VPP token of the store organization are moved into the target organization.
  • Managed Media is not removed from the device and will be visible in the target organization.
    • Except when the Managed Media has been applied by a configuration and the device leaves the corresponding device group.
    • Managed Media from the source organization can be removed from the device in the target organization.
  • The supervision certificate cannot be moved to the target organization. Any user in the target organization can download the certificate from the moved device, if he has corresponding permission in the source organization.


In the device inventory of the store organization one or more devices can be moved into a target organization. First the devices must be selected. After that the 3-dot-menu entry Move to can be clicked.

move to organization in device inventory

In the dialog the target organization must be selected. In general, devices can be moved to all organizations except the store organization, the system organization and the source organization. If only devices from one source organization are selected, this organization is not shown in the dialog. If devices from several organization have been selected, all those organizations can be chosen as target organization. But selected devices that belong already to the target organization will not be considered.

move to organization in device inventory

The second step of the dialog contains an information box with hints for the possible consequences and a link to the documentation.

move to organization in device inventory

After confirmation the selected devices will be moved to the target organization.