Companion for Digital Whiteboards


The Companion App from Relution is available for various platforms. It not only extends the range of functions, but also facilitates the uncomplicated commissioning of devices. This app acts as a connecting element between the operating system and Relution, creating a functional bridge.

Digital whiteboard

Thanks to the Relution Companion, it is possible to efficiently manage Android-based whiteboards from different manufacturers. This is done by manually registering the devices via the Relution Companion, followed by adaptation to various configurations. The range of functions is based on the endpoints provided by the respective manufacturer.

The following interactive whiteboards can currently be managed with Relution:

  • Active Panel 7 from Promethean
  • Digital whiteboard (DT21) from heinekingmedia
  • galneoscreen from wende.interaktiv
  • Prowise Touchscreen One from Prowise.
  • Other manufacturers are currently being implemented.