The Relution Files app is a mobile app for iOS devices that makes it possible to integrate local file shares. These file shares can be provided via the SMB and WebDAV protocols.
The app is particularly interesting for companies and schools that want to manage their data securely and centrally. By integrating local file shares, users can access relevant documents and content.

With the Relution Files app, you can access shares that have been set up via the Relution portal. Alternatively, additional shares can also be configured directly in the app.
The integrated file explorer gives you access to directories and various files can be opened in the system applications.

It is also possible to use the integrated camera in the Relution Files app to save images directly to the network drive instead of storing them in Apple’s integrated photo album as usual.
This helps to increase data protection.

Overview with Share

Manual setup

Setting up file sharing manually in the Relution Files app is intuitive and easy to do. Only a few mandatory fields have to be filled in, after the entry the connection can be checked and connected via the test button.

Share settings

Share settings

Display nameAny display name must be entered here
URLthe WebDav or SMB url for the file share
User nameUser name of the user for file sharing
PasswordPassword of the user for file sharing

Prepared setup

A prepared configuration, which the administrator carries out via the Relution Portal, removes almost every hurdle for the end user when setting up the device. In this way, file sharing can be used seamlessly.


A WebDAV or SMB connection can be prepared for use by configuring Relution File Sharing in a policy. To do this, it is necessary to select a protocol and enter the path to the share.

There is also the option to use the Relution user already ’logged in’ to the device, which makes an additional login for file sharing when using ‘Relution shared device’ superfluous.

Alternatively, for 1:1 devices, the user assigned to the device can log in with their user data. In this case, the login process can be simplified by using placeholders such as ${user.fullname}.


Application by the user

Once the file share has been successfully set up, the file browser can be used for navigation in the app. It is possible to add or edit new folders within the share. The integrated camera can also be used to save images to the share in a privacy-friendly manner.

Display directory

Create folder

Capture image

Settings of the app