The Relution Parent App enables parents to manage their children’s devices. Schools have control over student devices at all times. The school administration has the flexibility to design the process of setting up the parent app itself and to prevent the connection between the parent app and the student device at any time.

Parents can use Relution Parent to actively block and unblock the use of installed apps on their child’s device.


The Relution Parent app works with Relution Server version 5.23.0 or higher. Relution Agent version 5.15.0 or higher must be installed on the child’s device so that the student’s device can be connected to Relution Parent. In addition, the student’s user requires the authorization to enable the connection. You can either add this authorization to an existing role or create a new role that has this authorization.

The required authorization can be found in the list under Relution Parent App -> Allow pairing -> Create.

Linking the student devices with the parent app

So that not everyone can restrict student devices with the Relution Parent App, the administrator must approve each pairing. A suitable process for pairing can be established using the free text field provided, which can be filled in by the parent during pairing.

Student device

To connect Relution Parent with the student device, the Parent App section must be opened on the child’s device in the Relution Agent under Device Information. The child generates a QR code here, which is used by the Relution Parent app for pairing.

If the Parent App section under Device Information is not displayed, the version of the Relution Agent is below 5.15.0 or the child’s user does not have the required authorization. See ‘Setup’.

A maximum of 5 pairings can exist for a device. If you still want to perform a pairing, the administrator must remove at least one pairing for the device.


Parents can download the Relution Parent app from the app store of their device (Android or iOS). After agreeing to the privacy policy, the app is ready for use. Parents can either use the QR code scanner provided in the Relution Parent App to scan the QR code generated by the child to start the pairing process or they can also use any QR code scanner, such as the camera app.

Once a valid QR code has been scanned by the parent, they must assign a name to the child’s device and enter a valid email address. This email must then be confirmed by the parent. An optional free text can then be filled in. Depending on how the process has been defined by the organization, the parent can provide necessary information here.

Relution Parent App - Create request

If the QR code scanned by the parent is recognized but an error is thrown when the request is sent, it may be because the QR code has expired or has already been used. Please update the Parent App section in the child’s Relution Agent.


All requests created by the Relution Parent Apps are displayed under Settings -> Device Management -> Parent App Links. As soon as the e-mail address entered by the parent for the parent app link has been confirmed, the administrator can approve or reject the link. A link can also be removed here at any time.

The pairing can be in the following states:

  • Open : QR code has been generated by the student device but not yet scanned by the parent.
  • Invited : Parent has scanned the QR code and sent a request. But the e-mail has not yet been confirmed.
  • E-mail confirmed : Parent has confirmed the e-mail.
  • Connected : Pairing has been released by the administrator.
  • Expired : QR code has expired.
  • Deleted by parent : The pairing has been deleted by the parent

Parent app application

After the pairing has been initiated by the parent, you can see the current status of your request in the overview in Relution Parent start page. The start page shows all linked devices of the children. Under the device name, which the parents have assigned themselves, they can see the current status of the request. As soon as the link has been released by the school administrator, the parents can manage the device. The link becomes active on the start page and can be opened by the parent. The parent is then shown an overview of all installed apps that have been recognized by Relution.

Relution Parent App - States of the children

If parents want to manage installed apps on the devices, they must first select them. Depending on the current status, parents can then either block or enable the apps. By confirming the request, a restriction is installed on the child’s device. If the desired status of the parents overlaps with restrictions of a school lesson, the lesson always wins

Relution Parent App - Block/unblock apps