The Relution Teacher App (iOS, Android & Windows) (from Relution 5.24 also as a web app) allows teachers to create lesson-specific profiles that can be used to prepare and manage apps, device functions and web links for lessons, define groups of participants and control lessons. No AppleID is required for the students’ iPads. During lessons, teachers can use additional functions via the Apple Classroom App or the Samsung Classroom Management App (in the case of Samsung, a separate license from Samsung is required).


A Relution Education license is required to use the Relution Teacher App. Classes with the corresponding students and teachers should be created (Education -> Classes). The teacher requires at least the teacher permission (User -> Permissions: Teacher)


The content for the student device is defined in a profile. The participants are defined and the duration is set. Classes can then be started.


The profiles defining what the device is equipped with for the lesson. The teacher can choose between private and public profiles. The second one can be used by all teacher of the organization. Editing and deleting are reserved for the creator. The background image is also set for the exam profile (iOS). Apps, web links and system apps as well as certain restrictions can be defined in the profile.


A stored class can be selected for the lesson. Missing students can be directly excluded from lesson in the preparation, so that the profile is only distributed to the devices of the present students. Alternatively, an ad-hoc class can also be created, in which case all students of the organization are available for selection.


The applied profile has a defined end. The maximum is limited by the last lesson of the day.


While the lesson is active, the scope, the attendance and duration of the profile can be adjusted. The profile is removed from the student devices after the defined time has elapsed or after it has been ended.

Admin mode

At least the read permission Education -> Lessons is required for the Admin view in the app. The admin has access to all lessons of his organization. These can be viewed and further information can be obtained in the event of a problem.


Relution Teacher Web

With the introduction of Relution Server 5.24, Relution Teacher presents itself in all its glory. Now teachers can create, launch and control lessons directly from a browser window in the same way as on iOS and Android. This seamless integration enables a smooth and efficient lesson organization that meets the requirements of modern educational environments.


The web app is accessible in the navigation menu under the Education tab.