Companion for Windows


The Companion App from Relution is available for various platforms. It not only extends the range of functions, but also facilitates the uncomplicated commissioning of devices. This app acts as a connecting element between the operating system and Relution, creating a functional bridge.

Windows Companion

The Relution Companion for Windows is an exclusive Windows service that is automatically installed on all Windows devices managed by Relution. Unlike conventional applications, it is not available in the Windows App Store or the Relution App Store. Equipped with administrator rights, Relution Companion is aimed exclusively at administrators and operates unnoticed in the background, without direct interaction with end users. When configuring Windows devices, so-called Configuration Service Providers (CSP) are used as standard, which enable access to specific settings in the Windows system. Despite their usefulness, these CSPs have certain limitations in terms of configuration options. The Relution Companion for Windows overcomes these limitations by significantly extending the configuration options and thus enabling more comprehensive customization.