Relution’s innovative education feature makes it easier to prepare classes by seamlessly integrating them into the Relution Teacher App. This feature allows teachers to easily start and manage classes. Relution classes are made up of teachers and students, each with specific permissions. The clear structure and user-friendly interface of the Relution platform makes the organization and delivery of lessons more efficient. For more information about the education function and other features of Relution, please visit our website at

Benutzer erstellen

In the menu item Users you have the option of creating new users and assigning them the corresponding authorizations. The following data is required: User name, Password, First and last name and the E-mail address. This intuitive function allows you to set up new user profiles quickly and easily and manage the required information.


It is also possible to create mass users via the 3-dot menu. This function makes it possible to create several user profiles at once, which is particularly practical for larger user groups. This efficient method saves you time and makes user administration even easier.

Alternatively, users can also be created using the CSV upload function or the users are automatically synchronized from an LDAP. These versatile options make it much easier to manage user accounts and offer flexibility depending on the individual requirements of your organization. The CSV upload function allows you to quickly and easily import user data into the system, while automatic synchronization with an LDAP directory ensures that user accounts are always up to date and minimizes administrative effort.

Berechtigungen zuweisen

In the menu item Users > Groups, you have the option of assigning groups to existing users. Two important standard groups are already stored: Teacher and Student. These groups differ both in terms of their rights and the scope of their functions. For example, only teachers are permitted to start a lesson via the Relution Teacher app and distribute apps to the devices. This clear distinction makes it easier to manage users and ensures that rights are assigned according to the respective tasks and responsibilities.


Klassen erstellen

In the menu item Education > Classes, you have the option of creating classes manually and assigning them to users according to their role. Please note that a class must consist of at least one teacher and one student in order to be created correctly. For efficient administration, there is the option to create multiple classes quickly and easily using the CSV upload function. However, synchronizing classes via LDAP offers the most convenient solution, as it enables automatic updating and uniform management of classes. These versatile functions make it much easier to organize classes and assign users to the corresponding classes.


Verwendung mit Relution Teacher und/ oder Apple Classroom

The classes created can be easily prepared for teaching using the Relution Teacher App. You can find more details about this process in the article about the Relution Teacher App.

Relution Teacher App →

To control the devices during lessons, you can also use the Apple Classroom App. For more information, please refer to the article on the Apple Classroom App.

Apple Classroom →

In summary, it can be said that the Relution Teacher App is used to prepare lessons, while the Apple Classroom App enables control during the lesson.