User profile


User accounts contain more information and functions than a simple login in Relution. Here you can configure access tokens, customize the language or configure multi-factor authentication (MFA).


In this section you can configure the login name as well as the surname and first name of the user. It is possible to customize the language and, for example, the display of date values.

Access Token

Individual access tokens can be configured here, depending on the use case. The API and the “Relution Shared Device” are available. A QR code is generated for the “Relution Shared Device”, which can later be used for a login in the Relution Agent. Each token can be provided with a validity date. In order for the QR code login button to be displayed in the agent, the switch for the QR code login must first be activated in the Relution shared device policy.

MFA token

To use multi-factor authentication, a so-called MFA token must be generated, which serves as a second factor. E-mail or an authenticator app can be used as the second factor here.

User-defined certificates

Some configurations for individual platforms offer the option of using user certificates for authentication or signing, for example for a VPN or a WLAN. They can be stored accordingly here. A certificate can be stored for each of the following functions:

  • Exchange
  • VPN and apps
  • WLAN
  • S/MIME encryption
  • S/MIME signing

Login history

The last ten login attempts for the respective user account can be displayed here. In addition to a time stamp, the respective IP address is also displayed.