Managing Android Enterprise Devices


Android Enterprise is an initiative by Google, aimed at improving the management and security of Android devices in enterprises. It is a set of tools, APIs, and services that enable enterprises to manage Android devices more efficiently and ensure the security of enterprise data on those devices.


Multiple enrollment options are available for Android Enterprise. Devices can be enrolled manually, via a QR code, or automatically via Android Zero Touch or, for Samsung, via Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME).

KME and Zero Touch →
Enrollment types →
Enrollfully-managed-device →
Work-profile →
Fully-managed device with personal profile →

Relution Agent and Relution Companion

Relution Agent and Relution Companion are always automatically installed on Android Enterprise devices during enrollment. Both are not mandatory for device manageability, but provide a variety of additional useful features for users. With Relution Companion for Android Enterprise, it is possible to install certificates on the devices and perform device location.

Separate business and personal data

Android Enterprise offers excellent options for separating business and private data. Here, the user are either provided with a Work Profile / Work Profile, which can be installed on private devices. –> Anmerkung Lara: steht hier nicht beides Mal “Work Profile”? Alternatively, a personal profile can be activated on fully managed devices, in which users can log in with a private Google account and use the device privately without almost any restrictions, without private and business content getting mixed up.

Manage apps

Android Enterprise does not allow native apps to be installed on devices. All apps must come from the Managed Google Play Store. Custom APKs can be uploaded there and made available in your own organization as long as the app’s package name is unique to Google.

Manage Apps→

Configuration can also be stored via the app management. These are for pre-configuring individual apps to roll out mail profiles or other settings, for example. The possible configurations have been built in by the app manufacturer. We cannot provide any support here in the event of any malfunctions.

Homescreen Layout and Kiosk Mode

With the Homescreen Layout policy, Relution offers the activation of the Kiosk Mode with a launcher specially developed by Relution. This allows the installation of a wallpaper as well as the arrangement of apps on the homescreen or in folders.

Homescreen Layout and Kiosk Mode →


On Android Enterprise devices, many restrictions can be enabled with Relution.

Restrictions →

Runtime permissions

The runtime permissions can be used to allow users to answer permission questions. Standard but user-defined permissions can be configured here.

Runtime permissions →