You need device licenses to configure your devices in Relution. You can obtain these licenses either directly from our sales team or from a partner. Once purchased, the licenses are assigned either to your server or your Organisations. If you have your own server (OnPrem / dedicated cloud server), you also have the option of assigning a limit to the number of licenses for individual locations.

This limitation allows you to restrict the number of devices registered at a location according to the number of licenses. This function allows you to ensure that locations do not use more licenses than are actually required. By default, locations do not have a limit unless the licenses are explicitly assigned by our sales team. image

Adjust limitation

  1. Log in as system administrator and open your system portal. Navigate to the Help & Info Center and open the license information. image
  2. Find the location for which you want to set a limitation and click on the button with the three dots. image
  3. Specify the desired number of licenses as a limitation here. image