Update - Relution


Follow these steps to upgrade your Relution installation.

Docker installation

Edit the docker-compose.yml file and replace
image: relution/relution:xxx with image: relution/relution:latest.

Updating Relution is then very easy:

cd /opt/relution/
docker compose pull
docker compose up --detach

Make sure to compare docker_relution with the name of the Relution container container_name that you specified in the docker-compose.yml if it is different from the default.

This command will download the latest version of the Docker image and install it. The Relution service will be unavailable for a few minutes while the container is restarting.

Native installation Linux

  1. download the latest relution package: Latest Relution Package → .
  2. stop the Relution service.
  3. Backup your Relution database.
  4. backup the installation directory.
  5. extract the zip package to <INSTALL_DIR>.
  6. set the owner of the <INSTALL_DIR> directory, for example:
    sudo chown -R relution:relution /opt/relution
  7. copy <INSTALL_DIR>.bak/application.yml to <INSTALL_DIR>/application.yml.
  8. start the Relution service.
  9. wait until the Relution service is started.

Native Installation Windows

  1. download the latest Relution package: Latest Relution Package →
  2. stop the Relution service services.msc
  3. save the existing installation directory to relution_bak_
  4. extract the zip package to the old installation directory <INSTALL_DIR>
  5. copy the configuration file from the backup relution_bak_/application.yml to <INSTALL_DIR>/application.yml
  6. start the Relution service
  7. wait until the Relution service has started. in the directory <INSTALL_DIR>/log/relution.txt the log can be viewed

Checklist after the update.

  • Do relution apps on mobile devices also need an update?
  • Do custom CSS files need an update?
  • Are enrolled devices still accessible?
    • Send an update device information action to a device.
  • Is enrollment still working for the different platforms?

Update from version 4 to Relution 5

To be able to update to version 5.x, version 4.79.2 or a newer version of Relution 4.79 must be installed, because otherwise the database migration scripts will not work.

We recommend backing up the database before updating.

Update Docker to Relution Version 5

To update the Docker environment, edit the docker-compose.yml file enter 4.79.2 at the image tag.

      image: relution/relution:4.79.2

Start the Docker and let install the update to version 4.79.2. Then shut down the container again. Change the image tag in the docker-compose.yml file back to latest.

      image: relution/relution:latest

Update Native to Relution Version 5

First install version 4.79.2 → as described above.

After installing 4.79.2, you can install version 5 from the
Latest Relution Package → .