Store Organization


Relution offers the option to set up a store organization (Store-Orga). This enables the following functions:

  • System-wide Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).
  • Native app distribution and versioning.
  • Publish policies.
  • Copy policies to organizations.

System-wide Apple DEP

Via Apple School / Business Manager, DEP devices can be assigned to the store organization by Apple. A DEP profile in the Store Organization with the option Enforce user authentication at enrollment assigns the Apple devices to the enrolled users in their corresponding organization.


DEP →.

Native app distribution and versioning

Native apps can be distributed via a policy with app compliance configuration. The version assignment can be set in the store organization within the app.



Publish policies or copy them to organizations

Policies created in the store organization can be distributed, there are 2 ways to do this:

  • Copying to a specific organization.
  • The global publishing for organizations.

Partially, these options are only available for iOS policies.


Policies General →

Activate Store Organization

Create Store Organization (Relution Cloud Instances)

For this, a new organization store must be created in the system org.



It is not possible to activate the store organization on

Create Store Organization (native installation)

An organization must be created in Relution, which is to be made into a store organization. The procedure for the cloud instances can be used here and the organization can be called store.

An additional configuration must be added to the application.yml.

    enabled: true
    organizationUniqueName: store