Enroll Whiteboards


With Relution, it is possible to manage whiteboards based on Android from various manufacturers. The devices are manually registered via the Relution Companion and can then be equipped with various configurations. The range of functions is based on the endpoints provided by the manufacturer.

Currently the following Interactive Whiteboards can be managed with Relution:

  • Active Panel 7 and 9 from Promethean
  • Digital whiteboard (DT21) from heinekingmedia
  • galneoscreen from wende.interaktiv
  • Prowise Touchscreen One from Prowise
  • Smart Board von Smart Technologies

Other manufacturers are in the process of implementation.

The corresponding Relution Companion can be obtained from the respective manufacturers.


At the beginning, the Relution Companion has to be installed on the corresponding devices. For this, there are different possibilities to choose from:

  • Installation from the manufacturer App Store
  • Installation from USB stick
  • Installation via ADB
  • Installation from the Relution App Store via the enrollment link (only recommended if there is only one device type)

Installation from the manufacturer App Store

  • Promethean and SmartTech provide the Relution app in the respective stores on the panel. If this is missing in the store, the manufacturer’s support must be informed.

Installation via USB stick

  • You need to make sure that apps from the stick are allowed to be installed on the device. If this is the case, the installation can be started and completed manually via the device’s file browser by clicking on the APK file.

Installation via ADB

  • The Companion must be available on the computer that is to be used for the installation.
  • USB debugging must be enabled on the device.
  • A connection to the device must be established via ADB. This can be done either via USB cable or with the command:
  • Then the Companion can be installed via ADB
adb install /path/to/app/Companion.apk

To do this, the Relution Companion must be loaded as a native app in the Relution App Store and linked as a Relution client app in the settings. Then the app can be downloaded via the browser during enrollment and installed manually.

  • Make the Companion available in the Relution App Store as a native app and set it to Productive status.
  • Go to Settings > Relution Client Apps.
  • Select the Companion at this point.
    Relution Client App Verbindung

Create enrollment in Relution

Create an enrollment for the Android platform in Relution under Devices > Enrollments.
Einschreibung anlegen

Here you will find the necessary information for enrollment, the server URL and the enrollment code

Perform enrollment on the device

Once the Companion is installed on the device and the enrollment is created, the app can be run on the device. To do this, open the Companion on the device and enter the data determined in the previous step.

The Companion asks you for several confirmations. Confirm them. If the enrollment is completed successfully, the screen looks like this, or something similar.