Office installation stucks


With Relution Server version 5.21, it is possible to install Microsoft Office on managed Windows devices using a configuration file (XML). With version 5.22, a corresponding configuration and an extension of the action has been added.

This installation can fail for many different reasons.

In principle, the “Install Office” action should not be used if this has already been configured in the policy. A restart should be avoided during the installation.

Problem cases

  1. The action has the status “Not Now”.
  2. Office does not install, although no errors may be visible in the list of actions.

In both cases, it is always worth taking a look at the task manager of the device. Often background activities are running that indicate an ongoing installation or the network card shows download traffic.

Case 1 - “Not Now”

The action for the Office installation remains in the “Not Now” status.

  1. send a “Update device information” action to the device.
  2. the installation may contain large amounts of data that need to be downloaded and processed. Depending on the connection and hardware used, this can take a very long time. You should wait at least one hour if this status occurs.
  3. if there is still no change in the status, the installation can be reset with the “Install Office” action.

Windows Action

  1. wait at least five minutes before running the installation again.

Case 2 - Office does not seem to install for no reason

This case can occur when using the policy configuration. In this case, the policy should always be reapplied first and the further behavior observed.

If this is not successful either, the Office installation, which may be stuck, can be canceled by aborting it as explained in the previous step under 3.

The policy should then be reapplied.