Store Script


With Relution Server Version 5.22 it is possible to publish Windows scripts via the store organization. This makes it possible to make these scripts available to all clients.


Add script

Once you have successfully logged in to the store organization, you can navigate to the Scripts section via the navigation on the left-hand side. There you have the possibility to create new scripts by using the Add button. The creation is divided into 3 points.


Name - The global display name for the script
Description - A supplementary description of the script


Select script file - A local *.ps1 file can be loaded directly here
Content - Alternatively, the script can be entered directly in the text field


Timeout in minutes - After the specified time period has expired, the script execution is forcibly aborted
Arguments - The arguments and the assigned values are inserted at the beginning of the script when it is executed on the device. Each argument must end with a semicolon. The arguments can be used in the script by their names.


Arguments: $arg1=10;
Use of the arguments in the
script: write-host $arg1
Execution on the device: ./
Result output: 10

Available placeholders

The available placeholders can be used in the Arguments under Execution. It is not possible to use the placeholders directly in the script.