Install certificates


The policy configuration Certificates for Windows can be used to install certificates on Windows 10/11 devices via Relution. In addition, the certificate store can be specified individually.

Upload certificates to Relution

To be able to distribute certificates via Relution, they must first be uploaded to the certificate store of Relution.

  • To do this, go to Settings > Certificates
  • Click the button Add
  • Assign a name, enter the password of the certificate and finally select the certificate file
  • Confirm with Save

Zertifikat hinzufügen

Applying certificates on Windows 10/11 devices

  1. navigate to Devices > Policies in the Relution Portal and click on Add
  2. create a Windows policy and assign a name. Click on Save
  3. after clicking Add, select the Certificates option and continue with Add details
  4. now select the certificate uploaded in the previous step and define a certificate store
  5. save the configuration and publish the current version of the policy
  6. to apply the policy to Windows 10/11 devices, add the desired devices via the Devices with this policy tab. The selected certificates will then automatically run on the devices

Zertifikat hinzufügen