Windows Script Configuration


Starting with version 5.19.X, policy configuration for PowerShell scripting is available in Relution for managed Windows devices. The configuration can be added to Windows policies as usual.


However, in preparation, the PowerShell script to be distributed must be stored in the menu under Scripts.

Policy configuration

The policy offers, besides the selection of the desired script, various other configuration options.

Script to be executed

The previously stored script must be selected here. Only one script per configuration can be selected at a time.

Event based execution

It is possible to make the execution of the script dependent on certain events on the device. The device start and the log in and log off of users can be selected here.

Time-based execution

Scripts can be executed regularly at specific times on the target device. Days of the week, the start time and the time zone are available as configuration parameters here.

Limit execution

The execution of the script can also be prevented or the behavior adjusted under certain circumstances. Possible configurations are:

  • Do not allow execution in battery mode.
  • Stop execution when battery mode is also switched.
  • Wake up the device for script execution.
  • Hide task for script execution on the device.
  • Allow to start script execution on demand.