Known Issues

Slow login on shared devices

With iOS 17.x, setting the restriction configuration Allow iCloud Keychain synchronization to No causes the login on shared devices to be slowed down.

To bypass this behavior, the item Allow iCloud Keychain synchronization must be set to yes in the applied configuration of the ‘Restriction’.

Lack of storage space on iOS devices

On iOS devices, despite sufficient memory for app installations, a message may appear that there is not enough memory available. This is also displayed accordingly in the system settings.

The problem is caused by using the policy configuration Shared iPad settings. Repeated logins and logouts of guest users on the shared device can cause this error to occur spontaneously.

To avoid the occurrence of this problem, it is recommended not to use the policy. Alternatively, at least the two points Storage space quota and Number of users should be avoided.

For affected devices, it is necessary to reset them to factory settings.